First : "IMAFY" General Entry Regulations :  
1- Participants should not be over 35, when presenting their works.
2- The call for participation starts on November 15th 2007.
Applications available at Passage 35 Gallery - Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum 1- Kafour St- Giza, or through the official web site:
3- Initial Works and applications are accepted up till January 31st 2008 and should be sent via e-mail to : or
a) JPEG pictures for the (photography, computer graphic and installation) works and projects, in a folder not more than 800 Kb.
b) WMV or AVI copy for the (Video Art, Documentaries and Media Performance) works.
4- The applicants can participate in two categories only .
5- A separate application is to be handed for each category.
6- The art works submitted for the competition must have been produced , realized or significantly updated within the last two years.
7- Works that won prizes in previous competitions may be exhibited, but will not participate in the competition, and the work producer should attach such data.
8- Entrants are requested not to submit irreplaceable originals since submitted materials cannot be returned.
9- Works submitted without the required accompanying material will not be accepted.
10- Work containing language dialogues should be translated into English language.
11- Exclusively commercially oriented works will not be accepted .

12- Works promoting religion, race, violence or sex extremism will not be accepted.

13- Participants may be individuals, groups, institutions or countries representatives / curators.

14- Employees of the organizers, sponsors and patrons of the "IMAFY", as well as the competition’s jurors are ineligible to participate in the competition.

15- Works will be initially examined by the organizing committee.

16- Artists selected by the organizing committee will be informed to participate in the forum.

17- Final projects or works and data (on registry forms) will be received from February 2nd till February 17th 2008, at Passage 35 Gallery.

18- All the works will be examined by specialized committees whose resolutions are obligatory.

19- Juries select the participants March 1st 2008.
20- An entry confirmation will be sent out via e-mail after all required documentation and paperwork has been received, and after the 1st jury session.

21- The organizing committee has the right to use the attached data for advertising purposes without consulting the artist, within respect to intellectual copyright.

22- International jury selects the winners for each category on 5th April 2008.
23- The opening ceremony of the "IMAFY" will be held at the Art Palace, Cairo on April 6th.
24- The Award ceremony will take place on April 7th.
25- Works should be withdrawn within 15 days starting from the forum's ending date.
26- Artists living abroad are kindly requested to pay for their work’s shipment.


IMAFY grants the following honorary awards:
  1. First five equivalent prizes ( The Golden Pyramid and The IMAFY Certificate of Honor)
  2. First five equivalent prizes ( The Golden Brush and The IMAFY Certificate of Honor)
  3. For all chosen participants (The IMAFY Medalian and Certificate of Honor)
In addition to the general entry rules, special entry rules apply to each individual category
Secondly : Descriptions of the works presented to the Forum :
  • Video Art, Experimental Animation and Documentaries should be presented on DVD discs or VHS tapes.
  • Any film exceeding 15 minutes will be excluded from the permanent show, and will be displayed within a special display program within the forum official events.
2-Media Performance:
  • A record of the performance should be presented on DVD discs or VHS tapes. Accompanied by a written concept & description of the project.
  • An initial preview of the project should be submitted in pictures or sketches, indicating dimensions and materials.
  • If the final project is not identical with the initial preview, the committee will decide whether to accept the work or not.
4-Photography and Computer Graphic:
  • Artist can freely choose the material for production, but size should be within the limit of?3m width x 2m hight.
5-Sound Art:
  • Works should be presented on DVD discs.