Ser Artist Nationality Project name Category
1 Aaron Oldenburg American The mischief of created things Interactive media
2 Abd Elaziz Egyptian Golden boy Video
3 Ahmed Foula Egyptian Geometric progression Computer Graphic
4 Ahmed Nor Egyptian A gown and shoes Documentary
5 Ahmed Sabry Egyptian T.V Box Computer Graphic
6 Behrang Samadzadegan Iranian 4 Projects Computer Graphic
7 Blake Carrington American Sky and Wires Video
8 Dorin Nicolaescu Musteata Moldavian Piggy Photography
9 Gabriel Acevedo Mexican 26 Nov. 2007 Video
10 Gerti Ibra Albania Dance of the stars Video
11 Harald scherz Austrian Artist asshole Video
12 Hend Elkolaly Egyptian Fire fly Video
13 Jung.Hye.yoon korean April, Seoul Documentary
14 Kiun KIM Korean Play fairy tale Interactive media
15 Laure prouvost French Abstraction quotidiennes Video
16 Marwa Adel Egyptian 2 Projects Computer Graphic
17 Michal Simonfy Slovakian The other body Media Installation
Touch Video
18 Mohamed Abd Elkirim Egyptian Under construction project Video
19 Mohamed Ali Syrian verting Experimental animation
20 Mohamed Sakr Egyptian George Documentary
21 Mohamed Zaian Egyptian Hole Media Installation
22 Nesrin Bokhari Syrian -Them me-Monoconcept Video
23 Olga Bersan Moldavian Flying out of myself Computer Graphic
24 Patty Chang And David Kelley American Flotsam Jetsam Video
25 Petra Schnider German 3 Project Photography
26 Roman Torre Spain Life Floor Interactive Installation
27 Ricardo Nascimento Brazilian Authority Interactive media
28 Shimaa khatab Egyptian Traffic signal Video
29 Tarek Hefny Egyptian Urban interiors Computer Graphic
30 Waheeda Mallalah Bahraini With all due respect Video
Green Photography
31 Wang Chung-Kun Thai Sound Of Bottle Media performance
Thus Have I Ah Video
32 Ziad Alhalabi Syrian Even Video