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Curriculum Vitae
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Gamal Mohamed Abdel Ghani Abdel Maqsoud
Personal Data
Fame Name : Gamal Abdel Ghani
Birth date : 3/3/1960
Place of birth : Giza
Activities : Ceremics
Email : GML_Mohamed811287

- BA of Faculty of Applied Arts - Ceramics Department 1984
- Member of Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers
- Member of Syndicate of Fine Artists
- Arts consultative in Suzan Mubarak reconnaissance of Science since 1999
Places of interest
- Al-Sharkia - Cairo
Solo shows
In the Egyptian Center of the International Cultural co-operation (The Foreign Diplomats) January 1997
- At Fine Arts gallery , Opera , July 1997
- At Shomouaa gallery , December 1997
Local exhibitions
3rd , 4th and 5th Youth Salon 1991,1992,1993
-22nd General exhibition of Fine Arts 1992
- Exhibitions at Salama gallery 1999,2000,2001,2002
-27th National exhibition of Fine Arts 2001
-5th Salon of Mini Works of Art 2002
-At Qortuba gallery 2003,2004
-7th Salon of Mini Works of Art 2004
-29th National exhibition of Fine Arts 2005
International exhibitions
1st Cairo International Ceramics Triennale 1992
-3rd, 4th and 5th Cairo International Ceramics Biennale 1996,1998,2000
Local and international Who's Who
- Encyclopedia of Youth Salon, part 1, prepared by Prof/ Sobhy Al-Sharouny 1994, produced by Fine Arts Sector
Local recognition
- Medal in 22nd National exhibition of Fine Arts 1991
Private collection
- At art lovers in Egypt and Arab countries
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