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Laila Hassan Soliman Dawood
Personal Data
Fame Name : Laila Soliman
Birth date : 12/10/1932
Place of birth : Cairo
Date of death : 1/2/2014
Activities : Sculpture

- Diploma from the High Fine Arts Institute of Teachers, 1953.
- Diploma in sculpture, 1955.
- Diploma from the High Art Education Institute of Teachers, 1957.
- Diploma from Aflerk Seminar School, High Institute of Manual Arts Education, - Dresdeolf, Germany, 1960.
Diploma in sculpture (equal to Ph.D. in Egypt) from the Fine Arts Academy, Dresdeolf, Germany, 1961.
Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Art Education, Sculpture, Helwan University, 1975.
- Member of the International Art Education Association (INSEA).
- Alumni of the Art Education Institutions.
- Founding member of the Fine Artists Association, 46 /46, sculpture.
- Cairo Atelier Group of Artist and Writers.
- Teachers Syndicate.
- Founding member of Mukhtar Friendship.
- Member of the Scientific Committees of Promoting Assistant Professors at the - Faculties of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Art Education.
- Member of the qualifying committee of scientific production of Arts and Sciences magazine, Helwan University.
- Professor of sculpture and ceramic at the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, 1977 to 1982.
- Prof. and Head of Sculpture and Ceramic Department of the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, 1991.
- Professor at Art Education Department of the Faculty of Housekeeping and Art Education in Riyadh.
Emeritus professor of sculpture and ceramic at the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, 1999.
Places of interest
- Born in Cairo, then traveled to Suhag and Menia to have her primary education there. Later, she back to Cairo to live in different neighborhoods, Helmyat al-Zayton, Misr al-Gadida, Darassa, Bulak, and Zaalek. Thereafter, she traveled to West Germany to study in Munich and Dresdeolf for four years.
Solo shows
- Exhibition at Goethe Institute in Cairo, 1976.
- Art and Mind Gallery, 1971.
- Faculty of Art Education, 1976.
- Foreign Diplomats art gallery, 1977.
- The Egyptian Woman Exhibition in Bon, for Cancer patients, 1990.
- Creativity Egyptian Woman in Contemporary Arts, Basra, March 2000.
- Exhibition at the Egyptian Center of International Cultural Cooperation (Foreign Diplomats art gallery), Zamalek 2004.
Local exhibitions
- Participated in many exhibitions organized by the Ministry if Culture and Ministry of High Education, from 1953 to 1994.
- Exhibitions organized by Cairo Atelier, Art Lovers Society, Alumni of Art Education I- nstitutions, Fine Artists Association, 1968.
- Mukhtar Sculpture Contest 1954,1955.
- Exhibition of students of the High Institute of Fine Arts, 1953.
- The General Art Exhibition, 1969,1977.
- The Egyptian Artists Exhibition, AUC, 1972.
- Egypt Female Artists Exhibition at Ain Shams University, Cairo 1972.
- Woman Exhibition, on the occasion of the Woman World Year, 1975.
- The 27th Fine Arts Exhibition, 1976.
- The General Art Exhibition, 1977.
- Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, 1978.
- Travelling exhibition of Egyptian Applied Art (ceramic), 1980.
- Joint exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Menia, 1984.
- Exhibition of inauguration Cairo Opera House, al-Salam art gallery (bronze and ceramic), 1988.
- The 50th Jubilee of the Faculty of Art Education, 1989.
- “Artists Around the World”, 2002.
- The 6th, 7th Salon of Mini Works of Art, 2003,2004.
- The 29th National Art Exhibition, 2005.
International exhibitions
- Group show in Fulvrutt Haozen City in West Germany, 1958.
- Group show in Dresdeolf city (sculpture-ceramic), 1959.
- The Egyptian Contemporary Ceramists, Eastern Europe, “500 Years”, 1966.
- The 8th, 9th Alexandria International Biennale, 1970,1972.
- The Egyptian Contemporary Art in Sudan (sculpture), 1977.
- Scholarship to study Ph.D. in Dresdeolf, Aflerk Seminar Academy, Germany, 1957 –1961.
Local and international Who's Who
- The Egyptian National Encyclopedia of Egyptian Characters.
Publications and activities
- Published researches in art sciences:
- Supporting Bauhaus theoretical and applied systems in high art education.
- Art research published in the Art Academy of Dresdeolf city, 1960.
- The structural school in abstract sculpture education, Applied Arts magazine, 1970.
- Research published at Graduates of the Faculty of Applied Arts magazine, 1972.
- Philosophy of contemporary sculpture at researcher point of view, 1976.
- Mukhtar, pioneer sculptor of modern art, published at the First Cultural Conference of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Art Education in Daqahlya, 1977.
- Plan of teaching sculpture through cubic, published at Second Conference of the Alumni of Faculty of Art Education in Cairo.
- Bauhaus direction in sculpture and its effect on instructing teacher of art education, 1979.
- Ph.D. study, Helwan University.
- Supervised on many MA and Ph.D. studies at the Faculty of Art Education, Faculty of Applied Arts, Islamic Studies Institute, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University and Faculty of Housekeeping and Art Education in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1998.
Local recognition
- Mukhtar Prize for sculpture 1955.
International recognition
- Prize for sculpture from the 9th Alexandria International Biennale, 1972.
Private collection
- Among collections of art lovers in Cairo, Germany, London, Mansoura, Alexandria.
Private collection at Dresdeolf City, Bon, Aisin, Stuttgart.
State collection
- Modern Art Museum, (Youth and Lively) sculpture.
- Asuit Educational Museum.
- Faculty of Fine Arts Museum in Menia (Metalwork).
- Cairo Conference Center.
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