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Mariam Mohamed Abdel-Aleem
Personal Data
Fame Name : Mariam Abdel-Aleem
Birth date : 28/12/1930
Place of birth : Alexandria
Date of death : 26/4/2010
Activities : Graphic

- Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Cairo, 1954.
- Master (M.F.N) Graphic printing from the University of South California, United States of America, 1957.
- Ph.D. from Helwan University.
- Studies in the history of art from the University of Southern California.
- Studies from the Institute of New York (Pratt).
- Member of Fine Arts Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture (formerly).
- Founding member of the Association of Fine Artists in Alexandria, 793 - 99.
- Founding member of the Art of Engraving Society.
- Member of the Group of Drawing and Graphic in Los Angeles, 1956.
- Member of Management Foundation of the Fine Artists Association in Cairo and Alexandria since its inception.
- Member of the Group of Artists and Writers in Cairo and Alexandria since 1953.
- Teacher of printmaking since the establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria , 1958.
- Assistant Professor and Head of Printmaking Department since 1968.
- Professor since 1975.
- Seconded to work as professor at (Art Education Section of the Faculty of Girls in Saudi Arabia).
- Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Girls in Saudi Arabia, 1985.
- Head of Design Department from 1985 until 1990.
- Emeritus professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University.
Places of interest
- Alexandria, Cairo, Menia , Luxor and Aswan.
- America. .
Solo shows
- Staged many solo exhibitions in Cairo , Alexandria, Los Angeles, New York , Norway, Rome, Indiana Paulo, Beirut, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
- Exhibition in Zamalek Arts Center, 2002.
Local exhibitions
- Participated in numerous local group exhibitions - such as :
- The General National Exhibition.
- Salon of Ahlia Art Society.
- Group exhibitions organized by Egypt for fine artists.
- The 28th National Art Exhibition - 2003.
- The 3rd National Graphic Exhibition - 2005.
- The 29th National Art Exhibition - 2005.
- The first Festival of fine creativity (Egypt Saloon - first period) 2007.
- The second Festival of fine creativity (general exhibition - 31th session) 2008.
- At museum of Fine arts - Alexandria - May 2008.
- Exhibition`continuity of generations` accompanied to celebration of Adham and Sief Wenly - February 2009.
International exhibitions
- Venice Biennale - 1964.
- Sao Paolo Biennale - 1986.
- Seattle Biennale for Graphic - USA.
- Ljubljana Graphic Biennale - Yugoslavia - 1963 - 1969 - 1973.
- Norway Graphic Biennale - 1984 - 1986 - 1989.
- Japan-1984-1985-1989.
- Finland International Print Triennale - 1986 - 1988 - 1990.
- International Print Biennale - Eastern Germany - 1987 - 1990.
- The 7th Portraiture Biennale - Yugoslavia.
- Museum of Arab Women-Museum of Women in Washington - 1993.
- Special honoring work presentation - accompanying the 18th Alexandria Biennale - 1993.
- India Biennale - 1994.
- Represent Egypt in exhibition of ‘the ozone hole’ at the University of Venezuela - 1996.
- Bangladesh Biennale of Asian Countries of - 1996.
- Egypt International Print Triennale II and III - 1996 - 1999.
- Represent Egypt at the International Environment Conference - Japan - Koto-1997.
- Represent Egypt in the Contemporary African Art Exhibition - five artists from various countries in Africa came from August 2000 to August 2001 - the Museum of Indiana Paul (Indiana) - United States of America.
- Printnew International Biennale 12 (Val Sarsal de France) - France - November 2005.
- Diploma from World Cultural Council, based in Mexico in 1990, for her advanced art creations about humanity.
- A diploma of Recognition to your Illustrious Artistic Career and your Valuable Contribution to the Artistic Legacy of Mankind .
- Member of the Scrutiny Committee for State Incentive Award and a member of the Scrutiny Committee and Acquisitions.
- Member of the Fax Design in Germany and the University of Venezuela.
- Founder of Section Graphic, Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria since its inception in 1985.
- Teaching, established and developed a plan to study art education at the Faculty of Girls in Jeddah, 1975: 1980.
- Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Education in Jeddah 1985.
- Teaching at Pratt Graphic Institute in New York.
- Member of the Supreme Committee of Alexandria Biennale since 1965 until 1988.
- Member of the Supreme Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for Promotions.
- Head honor of Egypt International Print Triennale, 1969, and 1997.
- Member of the Drawing and Graphic Society in Los Angeles, 1956.
- Jointly develops a plan of study at the Faculty of Arts in University of Menia.
Local and international Who's Who
- Recorded as international graphic artist in the World Encyclopedia (Who’s Who), issued in Sweden in 1994.
Publications and activities
- Supervised and discussed Masters and Ph.D. monographs.
Local recognition
- Medals - commendations - awards from various exhibitions - domestically and abroad.
- First Prize (Graphic) on the work of the Revolution in 10 years - 1962.
- State Incentive Award-Arts in etching and printing - 1973.
- Order of the State for Science and Arts of the first class - 1974.
- Discretionary Medal Award from the General Authority of Arts in 1974 to participate in the activity of the city.
- State estimated Arts Award 1994.
- Nomination by the Alexandria University for Mubarak Award 1999.
International recognition
- Diploma from the Top Authority of Sciences and Arts in Mexico for international arts contributions.
- First prize from Alexandria International Biennale - 1957 - 1961- and 1965.
- Awards and honorary medals from Alexandria Biennale - 1959 - 1963 - 1967 - 1973.
- Top prize in Graphic from the competitions of the Ministry of Cultural “Revolution in ten years’ 1962..
- Medal and certificate appreciation for the exhibition of women held in Italy for the women year - 1975.
- Top prize in the 27th Norway International Print Biennale - 1984.
- Special presentation during Norway International Biennale - 1986 - which was held in the city (Fred Stadium).
- Jury Prize of the First Cairo International Biennale for Graphic - 1993.
- Honorary Award from the Norway International Biennale - 1993.
- Grand Prix - Bangladesh International Biennale - 1997.
Private collection
- Among collections of Art Lovers in America, England, Germany, Italy, Romania, Egypt. .
State collection
- The Modern Art Museum of America.
- Museum of Berlin, Germany, Western and Eastern.
- Museum Bensenati, Ohio.
- University of Southern California.
- Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art Norway.
- The Egyptian Center in United Nations, in New York.
- Egyptian Academy in Rome.
- Museum of Modern Art in Norway.
- Ukraine-the Soviet Union.
- The Queen Museum in Jordan.
- Museum of Art, Japan.
- Tito Museum, Yugoslavia.
- Indiana Paul Museum of America.
- Museum of Cairo and Alexandria.
- Artist Mariam Abd el Alim is considered one of the most distinguished artists of the second generation in the Egyptian Graphic Art.
- The artist has passed through many artistic phases, satrted with expressive reality taken from the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic art , and tackling African and Egyptian issues. At the end of these phases, she turned to the one dimention flat formation , reduction, and deliberate shortness.
- She, in dealing with materials and graphic techniques in addition to her use of colour element, is distinguished for her cabacity and being skilful.

- critical reviews on artist Prof./ Mariam Abd el-Alim
The most important thing about this artist is how she sticks to her daily incidents whether political, social, natural or even emotional. She is Egyptian in viewing things in life, and in her interaction with the soil.
- This artist is known for technical testing not to show off but as a method of searching for the best way to incarnate her thoughts and imagination, and achieve her aesthetic and human perception. Since she is a well read person, she trusts her creativity.
-Her works are readable topic -just as that of the realists- that she hews both in content and form -as the experimentalists- she add to them passion that excites the receiver and attract him to the social and symbolic content.
(Mokhtar el Atar)

-She is ahead of the Egyptian female artists in her rushing with enthusiasm. When meanings collapse before her, she turns them into lines with which she goes beyond artificial borders connected only to the mind. The lines of this mind reaches carefully through activities that are more dashing, comprehensive and connecting to the human existence.
(Sedqi Al-gbakhngy)

- Mariam Abd el Alim confirms that there is an important and serious thing as her engravd objects are rich with a vision that uses the most beautiful things in nature to express her innermost senstive emotions without extravegance since her mind always controles every piece. She is the outcome of daily incidents; yet she always overcomes the danger of lapsing into folklore and relating.
- She gives in the most difficult way that is to search for herself without ignoring the surroundings or the natural means of expression to wich modern ingraving art reaches.
(Al Nahar lebanese newspaper)

- Her art is an emotional impressionistic pause in front of the visual existence and its drivers before it becomes a relating process that aims at only showing off.
(Zahira Waly Al-din)

Mariam Abd el Alim..Journey of creation
- There are few names which left clear prints in the field of graphics whether locally or abroad, although artist Mariam Abd el Alim is still distinguished in the world of graphics in Egypt; Not only as a loyal person to her academic field, or for her unique style, but also because her method is based on three basic axis which are:
1- depending on systematic academic research, attempts of continous development of its techniques, and reaching new formulas continously.
2- firm relation with her roots. Though she had her Phd from University of California, she was not drifted by the trends of After Modernism. These roots grew to produce roses that are reflected in her artistic works, and incarnates symbols and shapes that became familiar to the receiver who interacts with them, and finds himself part of them out of the truthful expression of his concerns and issues.
3- and awareness and consistency in using Arabic calligraphy as a fine element which is one of the nation`s visiual elements with all what it carries whether a symbolic or implicit sign that expresses people`s culture, and also as a transparent and effective connection intermediary.
- Thus it is not strange for such an artist as `Mariam Abd el Alim` to represent us in such an honourable way at international gatherings. She received, as an example, the Grand Prize of Norwegian Biennale for Graphic art, 1984, and she was chosen by Andiana Polis Museum for arts as arepresentative of the African Continent.

Prof./Ahmed Nawar
Head of Fine Arts Sector
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